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Road Trips from Asilah: Exploring the Best of Northern Morocco

By Sarah Johnson, Posted on 02 May, 2023 at 05:43 am


Asilah is a beautiful city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, and it's the perfect starting point for exploring the stunning landscapes and historic cities of northern Morocco. In this blog post, we'll explore the best road trips from Asilah and discover the top destinations to visit on your next Moroccan adventure.


The Charming Town of Chefchaouen

One of the most popular road trips from Asilah is a visit to the charming town of Chefchaouen. Located in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is known for its beautiful blue and white buildings and its stunning natural scenery. Visitors to Chefchaouen can explore the town's narrow streets and alleyways, visit its many cafes and restaurants, and hike through the surrounding mountains. Some of the top attractions in Chefchaouen include the Plaza Uta el-Hammam, the Kasbah Museum, and the Ras El Maa Waterfall.


The Historic City of Tetouan

Another popular road trip from Asilah is a visit to the historic city of Tetouan. Located just a short drive from Asilah, Tetouan is known for its rich history and stunning architecture. Visitors to Tetouan can explore the city's many historic buildings and landmarks, including the Royal Palace, the Tetouan Medina, and the Archaeological Museum. The city is also home to many excellent restaurants and cafes, where visitors can sample the local cuisine.


The Beaches of Al Hoceima

For visitors looking to relax and enjoy some sun and sand, a road trip to the beaches of Al Hoceima is a must. Located on the Mediterranean coast, Al Hoceima is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. Visitors to Al Hoceima can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, or explore the surrounding natural beauty of the region. Some of the top beaches in Al Hoceima include Plage Quemado, Plage Cala Iris, and Plage Tala Youssef.


The Picturesque City of Tangier

No road trip through northern Morocco would be complete without a visit to the picturesque city of Tangier. Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is known for its stunning architecture, historic landmarks, and vibrant culture. Visitors to Tangier can explore the city's many museums and galleries, sample its delicious cuisine, and enjoy its lively nightlife. Some of the top attractions in Tangier include the Kasbah Museum, the American Legation Museum, and the Tangier Medina.



Asilah is the perfect starting point for exploring the many wonders of northern Morocco. From the charming town of Chefchaouen to the historic city of Tetouan, and from the beautiful beaches of Al Hoceima to the vibrant culture of Tangier, there's something for everyone on a road trip through northern Morocco.

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